MUSE, a museum for growing

“Child and adolescent friendly museums”

We feel it is very important to champion and protect the rights of children and adolescents. This is why we are committed to organise educational paths for all ages, in line with the sustainable development goals set by the UN Agenda 2030. Our priorities include the wellbeing and health of adolescents and young children and their relationship with their reference adults.

Families welcome

You are always welcome, even with your family..
At the museum you will find dedicated parking, a Baby Pit Stop (comfortable spaces reserved for breastfeeding and baby care), baby carriers and child backpacks, pushchairs, changing tables, water dispensers, activities for all ages, advice and tools to help you have the best visitor experience ever, and also help for special needs and disabilities.

Healthy natural food

We like to make aware choices and so we strive to offer healthy natural food in both our vending machines and at the MUSE Café, where you will find a healthy children’s menu that respects the environment.

Protagonists and participants

Children and adolescents are the true protagonists of life in our museum. Involving them in
the planning of activities and listening to and assessing the experiences they take part in are
an integral, essential part of what we do.

Collaboration with schools and other educational bodies

Ecology, biodiversity, landscape, biosciences, diet, health, science and sustainability are our cornerstones. Thanks to a solid network of relationships with local entities (schools, associations, volunteers), we try to offer activities for small children and adolescents that tackle issues dear to us.

Trained personnel

All the people who work in the museum whom you will meet during your visit are trained to work with children, their reference and accompanying adults and they will do all they can to make your visit an opportunity for growth. We are on hand to answer your questions and meet the needs not only of our children visitors but also of the adults accompanying them.

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