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A leap into the past

Castello San Giovanni_ph. Andrea Zanchi_3

Discover the medieval kitchen garden and the apothecary’s workshop in the company of costumed characters.

At 6 p.m., Alberto Grandi, professor of History of Food at the University of Parma, and Costantino Bonomi, botanist at the MUSE, discuss the false myths of traditional recipes and the changes in our cuisine over time.

Possibility to purchase books by author Alberto Grandi with book signing.

At 7 p.m., tastings of medieval cuisine.

Curated by Lebrac Cultural Association and MUSE.

❗️Talk in italian language.

Alberto Grandi

Associate Professor in Economic History at the University of Parma, he is a food historian and expert in the history of Italian cuisine from the Middle Ages to the present day. He is the author of the podcast DOI – Denomination of Invented Origin, in which he recounts how historical research almost always disproves the archaic origins of our culinary specialities, leading us to discover that many recipes to which we attribute ancient roots… are actually recent inventions.