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"Ten years of MUSE"is en Eco-event

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“Ten years of MUSE” has obtained the Eco-events Trentino eco-label

With this label issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento, we ensure that the event is sustainable, in particular through the following actions:

  • the water that runs from our mountains is good, so we serve tap water free of charge in glass jugs
  • we have set up numerous points where you can sort your waste correctly: go to the collection points and an expert will show you how to sort your waste
  • let’s not waste food! If you don’t want the full menu, you can also order individual courses, and each course in reduced portions
  • if you have leftover food because you are full, don’t throw it away! Ask at the stand to be given a food container to take home
  • the meals make use of ingredients that come from Trentino crops or farms: ask the service manager for details
  • are you vegetarian? Consult the menu: you will find various vegetarian proposals, or ask for a personalised menu.