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A centre of excellence


Much more than a museum!

We are not just a container of goods, but an institution for the documentation, protection, use and enhancement of natural and cultural diversity.

We operate in the field of scientific research-applied mainly to the documentation of nature and its changes, and we provide services and promote culture and the territory.
We interpret the needs of citizens and the scientific community to guide the museum’s research activities.

Research today is mostly concerned with learning more about the environment-local and global-by means of spatial analysis, the study of databases and exhibits in the collections.

The primary objectives of this research, which has interdisciplinarity as a characteristic feature, are the development of conservation projects for species and the ecosystem and the elaboration of useful tools for the management of the environment and biodiversity, as well as for the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage.

A centre of excellence

We are a research body recognised by the Ministry of University and Research.

We belong to the system called STAR (Sistema Trentino Alta Formazione e Ricerca-Trentino System of Further Education and Research) of the Autonomous Province of Trento, which also includes the University of Trento, the Edmund Mach and Bruno Kessler foundations.

The Research and Museum Collections Office employs about 40 professionals specialised not only in the fields of scientific research, collection curatorship and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage, but also in scientific communication and lifelong learning.
This heterogeneity of skills is precisely what enables us to generate a first-hand cultural transfer-unprecedented and original-to our institutional stakeholders and citizens.

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