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The MUSE for companies

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In fewer than ten years we have had more than four million visitors. The museum experience we offer combines a scientific core with a strong cultural and educational vocation and is one of its kind on the Italian museum scene.

If your company is also aware and pro-active in terms of science, innovation, environmental sustainability, education, and culture in a broad sense, we can join forces and create valuable partnership initiatives.

Collaborations with businesses are determining factors for the survival and success of our permanent exhibits, temporary displays, teaching programmes, and special occasions.

The museum in numbers - 2022

  • Visitors MUSE: 316.654
  • Visitors MUSE and its sites: 398.831
  • Origin of visitors: 17% Trento and province; 71% other regions of Italy; 8% abroad; 4% South Tyrol
  • Balance sheet: 11.738.351 €
  • Collections: 336
  • Research projects: 43
  • Publications: 49
  • Events: 108
  • Web: 752.808 visits
  • Social: 166.100 follower
  • Press review: 4.328 radio, TV, national and international periodicals and newspapers
  • Newsletter: 10.019 members

Marketing & Fundraising

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