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Dubai Climate Conference - COP28

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What are effective actions to address the current climate crisis? How can local and global solutions mitigate the effects of climate change? Do we understand the importance of commitments made on these issues at international conferences? Through thematic exhibits and corners, meetings and discussion events, we reflect on these questions with a look at the role of international climate negotiations and in particular with reference to COP28, the 28th UN Conference of the Parties to be held this year in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates starting on 30 November.

This exhibition is set up in the new MUSE Agorà space, inside the museum’s Piccolo Vuoto area, on floor -1. MUSE Agorà is a new collective and participatory space where visions, proposals and actions come together to create connections and address the challenges of climate and society.

New MUSE Agorà space

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