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Anima Mundi

The Carousel of Life

02 1920X1080 - pulita

The world is one big living organism, generating differences that are linked by a universal soul called Anima Mundi. 
Everything is spinning on an endless wheel. In this carousel of life opposites go round and round in circles in a game of chase, and while at times one may overpower the other, they never cancel each other out. All ends. All begins again. And differences develop energy and spirit in the perpetually spinning kaleidoscope, powered by the world soul. 

From 1 August to 24 September 2023, €1 reduced admission with ticket of MUSE or its satellite museums.

Nine carousels exhibiting the works of great artists spin around non-stop, each symbolising opposites, one the opposite of the other. This powerful representation begins and ends with the spectacular Carousel of Life by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, a wonderful tribute to the beauty and diversity of life amidst real, hybrid and fantasy creatures, where boundaries, languages and cultures are transcended to celebrate the uniqueness of every creature inhabiting our planet and to remind us of the perpetual movement of life.

This immersive and dynamic exhibition transports visitors to a narrative environment of sounds, lights and dramatic installations to discover life and death, light and darkness, earth and water, sun and moon, angels and demons, origin and becoming, flying and roaming animals…in a world between dream and reality.

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