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These questions were chosen from 112 visitors who were interviewed during October 2023 in the MUSE exhibition halls.

Could global warming be caused by the Sun?

The Sun has always had a strong influence on the Earth’s climate. However, in the last 45 years our star has shown a cooling trend and therefore cannot be the cause of the rising temperatures.

Does the scientific community agree that our species is responsible for global warming?

The position of the Academies of Sciences of 19 countries and numerous scientific organisations that study climate has come to the conclusion that we are responsible. Ninety-seven per cent of scientists actively working on climate support this position.

Are climate models and predictions regarding future climate really reliable?

Although there are still some uncertainties, models have been able to reproduce both episodes from the past (‘retrospective forecasts’) and provide predictions later confirmed by observations. There is never absolute certainty, but the soundness of the models is becoming more and more apparent.

If the climate has always changed why should it now be our fault?

If the planet accumulates heat, global temperatures rise. Currently the carbon dioxide we emit is increasing the heat retained by the greenhouse effect. Climate change in the past actually provides evidence that humans can influence the climate now.

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