Floor 4

On the fourth floor we can discover
the mountains at a high altitude.
In a part of this floor
we enter a tunnel
to have an immersive experience.
Here we can see
a video projected
onto the two long walls.
The video shows us many things,
for example:
how beautiful the landscape
of a high mountain is but, also,
what the dangers are
that a mountain presents.

The dangers of a mountain
are for example:
avalanches, when the snow
runs down the side of a mountain
and falls very fast into the valley;
storms; the cold; falling rocks.
Outside the tunnel,
on a rock wall,
there is a body of ice
with the shape of a tongue,
forming the lowest part of a glacier.
A glacier is made of snow and ice.
At MUSE we can touch
the ice tongue
to feel how cold it is.
Near the ice tongue
there is a small patch of grass
with many real mountain plants.

All the plants together
are called the flora.
On the other side of the floor
there are some tables
with many objects
and videos being shown
explaining many things very clearly.
They explain for example:
how some plants and animals
have adapted to climate change;
what alpinism is
and what are the sports
we can do in the mountains
and also what exploration,
the search
and discovery of new places, is.