9th Use of Algae for Monitoring RIvers and comparable habitats (UAMRIch) and International Workshop on Benthic Algae Taxonomy (InBAT)

ALT - Convegno UAMRIch e InBAT

An extension has been decided: One more month available for abstract submission and registration with reduced fees! New (ultimate) deadline: April 27th 2015.


Dear Colleagues,
on behalf of the Museo delle Scienze – MUSE in Trento, and of the Scientific Committee I am very glad to bring to your attention two events of special relevance for those interested in algae and monitoring that will take place at the MUSE next June:

The International Congress 9th Use of Algae for Monitoring RIvers and comparable habitats
(UAMRIch) (June 15.-17. 2015)

The International Workshop on Benthic Algae Taxonomy
(InBAT) (June 17.-19. 2015)

The International Symposia “Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers” date back to 1991, and, since then, offer an opportunity to review and discuss benthic-algae-based monitoring approaches in the different countries, as well as improvements to approaches, methodologies, and techniques. The main aim of these Symposia has been the standardization of methods, the improvement of legislation and directives, and the discussion of novel approaches.

The Trento UAMRIch meeting will keep a clear focus on rivers and streams. Contributions dealing with other habitats (lake littoral, springs, wetlands, etc.) will need to show that the topic they discuss allows comparison or is relevant for algae-based stream monitoring as well.

One of the typical tasks of Museums is the in-depth study of the biodiversity in the geographic area where they are located, to characterize organisms from the taxonomic and ecological point of views, and to document their distribution and ecological preferences. Collections represent not only a taxonomic resource, but they also document the environmental condition of the habitats investigated. All this information represents an important resource to build robust, habitat- & geographically specific bioassessment systems.
One of the working groups of the Museum is intensely dealing with the ecology and taxonomy of benthic photoautotrophs (in particular diatoms and cyanoprokaryotes). In 2013 the Museum moved to the newly built MUSE building (Renzo Piano Building Workshop). We really hope that we will have the pleasure to welcome you to this building in 2015 to participate in the 9th International Congress on the Use of Algae for Monitoring RIvers and comparable habitats and to the International Workshop on Benthic Algae Taxonomy. Both events have the primary aim to discuss all aspects of the use of algae (including cyanoprokaryotes) for the monitoring of all freshwater environments.

        Marco Cantonati

Important deadlines

Registration (early bird)
​Friday March 27th 2015
Abstract submission deadline​Friday March 27th 2015
Registration deadline​Friday May 29th 2015

Please note that the deadline for registering for participants intending to present a contribution is the early-bird registration deadline (March 27th 2015).

The International Benthic Algae Taxonomy Workshop (InBAT)

The International Workshop on the taxonomy of freshwater benthic algae will be primarily targeted at applied ecologists and practitioners using algae and cyanobacteria for environmental assessment. However, it will also be of interest to environmental managers, practically-oriented taxonomists, university teachers and students.

The general topic of the Workshop will be:
“Taxonomic and ecological characterization of species relevant in environmental assessments and monitoring”.

The four sessions of the InBAT will be chaired by experts of the taxonomic groups, and will include one or more keynote talks along with contributed talks and posters and practical work at the microscope.

Taxonomic-Session Chairs:




Red algae:

Green algae and other groups:



The 9th UAMRIch & 1st InBAT are organized by Marco Cantonati, Museo delle Scienze – MUSE, Head of the Limnology and Phycology Research Unit, Adjunct Professor at the Universities of Innsbruck and Trento

Scientific Committee

   Dr. Marco Cantonati, MUSE – Trento, Limnol.&Phycol. Res. Unit, Italy,
   Dr. Martyn Kelly, Bowburn Consultancy,
   Prof. Eugen Rott, University of Innsbruck, Institute of Botany, Austria,
   Prof. Sergi Sabater, Univ. Girona, Spain, Dept. Env. Sc. – Inst. Aquatic Ecol.,
   Prof. Jan Stevenson, Michigan State University (USA), Department of Zoology,
   Prof. Brian Whitton, Durham University, United Kingdom,

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Marco Cantonati
Dr. Nicola Angeli
Dr. Massimiliano Tardio


Institutional Sponsors

​University of Innsbruck
Università di Trento

Università di Trento - Dipartimento CIBIO

Private Sponsors