​The main topics of the first two days of the Symposium will be:
  - study cases on single mines/quarries
  - new methods in mining history and archaeology
  - study cases on archaeometallurgy  
  - mining landscapes archaeology
  - cultural enhancement of mining sites and landscapes
  - summary of long-time studies on mining archaeology with cultural enhancement outputs (good practice examples)

The third day is specifically dedicated to mineralogy on mining sites:
   - study cases on mineralogy in single mines or protected areas
   - documentation methods of mining/mineralogical sites
   - mineralogical collections as cultural heritage

5th of June:
visit to MUSE during the Welcome Party.

6th of June:
visit to the ancient quarries of “Rosso Ammonitico” (local ornamental stone) in the city of Trento and in the surroundings
(Cava di Pila - Villamontagna).

7th of June:
visit to the medieval silver mines of the Monte Calisio plateau.

8th of June:
optional for people that won’t participate to the mineralogical session – “Il Cucchiaio dell’Argentario”: a cultural-gastronomic long walk through the mining area of Calisio, organized by Ecomuseo Argentario, with some stop-over where people could attend a show  and eat/drink typical food/wine coming from the farms in the neighborhoods.