9th International Symposium on Archaeological Mining History

Research and preservation of the ancient mining areas

Trento Italy | 5-8 june 2014

The 9th International Symposium on Archaeological Mining History will be held at Muse in Trento, Italy, from the 5th to the 8th of June 2014.
The event is organized by MUSE, Science Museum of Trento, in collaboration with Institute Europa Subterranea with the contribution of Fondazione CARITRO.
​The Institute Europa Subterranea conducts researches on archaeological mining history all over Europe and promotes the international cooperation between institutions dealing with this topic. The annual Symposium offers the opportunity to confront different study cases and methods and to bring together researchers operating in many European countries.

This year the Symposium coincides with the final workshop of the project “Memorie dal Sottosuolo” (= Underground Memories), promoted by MuSe and co-funded by Fondazione CARITRO. The aim of the project is to create a georeferenced database of the mining and mineralogical sites of Trentino and to promote collaborations between different institutions working on local mining history.
​Mining was a basic sector for the economic development in many European regions, where its material traces and influences on the local culture are still recognisable. In many countries ancient mines and quarries are analysed with archaeological methods and the collected data allows an understanding of the evolution of mining techniques during the centuries. The Symposium is planned to be a round table where different contexts and methods can be shared, in order to give an orientation to future research in regions like Trentino where mining archaeology is still neglected.

In Italy, the lack of a specific law about the preservation of mining sites created a detachment between the historical-archaeological research and the cultural enhancement interventions. The presentation of different enhancement experiences in mining sites will be a starting point to discuss possible common strategies, which integrate archaeology, preservation and cultural dissemination.

Mineralogy is also an important research field to consider during the study of a mining area. According to the Italian “Code of the Cultural and Landscape Heritage”, minerals are part of the cultural heritage, just as archaeological finds. For this reason it is very important to study and preserve the mineralogical sites and to promote the scientific and cultural enhancement of the mineralogical collections. Moreover, the IES Symposium 2014 falls in the International Year of Crystallography.