Guided tours

Our guided tours will lead you to a better knowledge of nature and science in a new and fascinating way through the discovery of our exhibition highlights.

The mysterious world of the high peaks, the biodiversity labyrinth, the geology of the Alps, the evolution of life on earth up to the modern world, technologies and sustainability. Let yourself be fascinated by the story of science!


History and evolution of life
From the formation of the Earth to the origin of the first life forms, the evolution of dinosaurs and mammals up to the discoveries in technology of the modern world.
An incredible journey back in time that retraces the main stages of the evolution of life on Earth up to the appearance of man and his complex relationship with the natural environment and social topics.

Tropical greenhouse
A fragment of the rainforest depicts a major hotspot of biodiversity on the planet: the Udzungwa Mountains in Tropical East Africa.
A visit to the greenhouse will show visitors the value of forests as places of biodiversity and for the regulation of global climate as well as the uses of plants for the food industry, medicines and cosmetics.

Mountains: from the origins to the summit
Simulating the climbing of a mountain, this visit starts from the second floor and arrives on the high peaks at the fourth floor.
Among the topics of this guided tour: the formation of the Dolomites, the arrival of the first hunters on the Alps and the evolution of landscape, the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the mountains, the high peaks and the great explorers.


10 to 30 June and 5 to 30 September 2019
Tuesday to Sunday: 3 pm 

1 July to 4 September 2019
Tuesday to Sunday 12 am 3 pm 

5 to 26 August 2019
Guided tour also on Monday 

Guided tours in German can be booked (at least 2 weeks notice).

€ 3,00 + museum entrance ticket

Booking and info
Phone +39 0461 270 311