Explora MUSE – the museum’s new app

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An endless space of knowledge, capable of breaking down the physical  barriers of the exhibition halls and putting the visitors and their questions at the heart of the experience. This is Explora MUSE, a next-generation app, available at the MUSE starting from today.

There are many hidden stories in a museum. Plenty of secrets to reveal. Thousands of questions waiting to be answered.  Explora MUSE is the right opportunity to emphasize the valuable scientific heritage of the museum and to offer rich and easily accessible information content. It is an interactive guide, designed to answer dynamically and interactively to –almost – every question that could arise during a visit.
Explora MUSE manages to satisfy the visitors’ curiosity with more than 150 in-depth videos, hundreds of objects and artefacts now made visible in a brand new way, special interviews, insights and 360-degree photos. These contents are easily accessible thanks to the 116 iBeacon, which are located in all parts of the museum and near objects of interest.

The itinerary of Explora
Explora’s itinerary is like a metaphorical descent from the summit of a mountain. Starting from the fourth floor with its glaciers on the mountain peaks and going down to the alpine biodiversity of the Biodiversity Maze, you can learn about the life cycles of flora and fauna during different seasons. The path then moves forward into the Dolomites’ formation stages, with an exploration of the mineral and geological peculiarities of Trentino and the various recent weather and climate changes. Proceeding from here, you have the possibility to immerse yourself in the everyday lives of the first nomadic hunter-gatherer communities of the Alps. Here, prehistory and human settlement dynamics up to the present day are two main recurrent themes,  especially in the description of the relationships between techniques and landscape. These aspects become a broader reflection on sustainability and lasting development issues on the Planet Earth. The route then continues into the tropical greenhouse, which recreates a rainforest environment and functions as a metaphorical bridge, connecting the MUSE to its research station in the Udzungwa mountains of Tanzania.

At floor -1 the visit with Explora MUSE comes to a natural end. This floor is dedicated to the History of life and here you will find a great quantity of special contents, images and insights. In this tour, you will be guided through the origins of the Solar System and of the Earth, to the discovery of the birth and extinction of dinosaurs, and ending with the diversification of the mammals and the study of the genetic code stored in DNA.

The innovative aspects
Explora MUSE outclasses the whole audio-guide system, by associating the simplicity of a mobile device with a Bluetooth system. The app detects the presence of the iBeacon and activates its multimedia-contents with insights on the installation. You can choose between an individual visit or a guided one, according to your interests and how much time you have. Each object has different widgets: short explanation texts, in-depth information boxes, photo galleries, videos, contextual web pages, interactive skimming.
Using the app, you have the possibility to brows various images: with a gradual slide of your finger, you can move from the vision of a dinosaur’s skeleton, to one of its musculature and discover what it looked like. With a slide of your finger you can also view 3D images of exhibited objects and make them rotate to find out many hidden details.
Furthermore, the device is provided with a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to open infinite links to other contents and to access related web pages. Additionally, users have the chance to create their own logbook and to share their visit experience simply by sending an email.

These results were achieved by the MUSE and its team of cultural mediators through the collaboration with Trento RISE and Graffiti.
The museum currently has 80 mini iPads available for rental.

Ask for Explora MUSE at your arrival, at the museum ticket office.
Children may only use Explora MUSE under adult supervision.
Rental price: € 3,00