Take home a souvenir of your visit to the museum, explore a particular topic, buy a pop-up book or a novel scientific game, make a special gift: all this is possible in the MUSE Shop... and not only.
Make space for ideas, visit the museum bookshop!
In the shop
​The museum shop offers a wide range of products related to the themes of science and nature, providing a rich selection of scientific publications, books and objects aimed to stimulate creativity.

A bright and welcoming atmosphere awaits you which gives free rein to the desire to understand and be amazed: a place designed for all those who are curious by nature.
Opening times
MUSE Shop is open in the following hours:

09.30AM to 17.45PM

Tuesday to Friday:                                   
09.30AM to 18.15PM

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:
09.30AM to 19.15PM