Why support MUSE?

Dr. Alfredo Nepi
Direct Sales Manager Trento-Belluno-Bassano
The partnership agreement signed with MUSE gave FINSTRAL a great deal of enthusiasm. The synergy with the Science Museum of Trento provided our firm with an important international resonance, allowing us to be recognized as leading brand in doors and windows.

Moreover, our presence inside MUSE allowed many visitors to tangibly experience the technological and design innovation of our products. In addition, collaborating with MUSE led us to share our mutual professional skills, both in terms of excellence and of environmental respect. It was an extraordinary match, representing a unique event for our image
Alessandro Garofalo
Owner Pinto & Garofalo Associate Ideas Srl
Member of the work group Culture and Public Assets of ItaliaCamp Foundation
I believe the culture - business combination is mutually beneficial. In fact, in a time where knowledge is prevailing, culture can become a source of financial wealth. Such value is assessed to be around 3.3% of the European GDP and employs 6.7 million people. Each euro invested in culture in Trentino yields €2.49. How come? Art, science, research are able to develop new connections - and therefore ideas - among deeply different people.

These kinds of environment are stimulating and allow experimenting different scenarios and developing innovative ideas in companies, with a good impact on productivity. Company management is dwindled by educational programs built on filters preventing contamination from other disciplines. Going beyond such limits is key for new profit perspectives. I always followed this path. In summary, investing in culture brings new connections, unexplored scenarios, better motivation, increased productivity and incentives.

From this perspective, Muse is a perfect container: attractive, clever, educative. My job now is not just creating innovation for my clients, but also creating an innovation culture by joining art, science and technology with a great deal of discipline.
ITAS Insurance Group
Being close is not just a figure of speech. ITAS and MuSe are neighbors in the new district, but they also were in their respective historical headquarters. Above all, they are close in their common attention for the territory, in the careful consideration of the past to manage to look on to the future.

Offering opportunities, knowledge and services for the common sake of people and families - this is our common mission. For ITAS, this commitment also brought us to offer the Wi-Fi service in the whole neighborhood and strongly support the cultural and scientific activity of the Museum.
​HSL Srl
Our Trentino has plenty of artistic, cultural, architectural and naturalistic heritage.
The interest on these topics was the premise pushing HSL, European pioneer in the use of additive manufacture and owner of the .exnovo (lamps and furnishings) and .bijouets (jewelry and accessories) brands, to support Muse in Trento.

Working side by side on the exhibition "The hand", the workshop "Generative design camp" and the development of new FabLab activities inside the Museum led to an open debate between HSL and the Museum staff, on the future impact of new digital and manufacture technologies in Trentino - all while keeping our natural-cultural treasures and young emerging talents in consideration.
Romani Optics Srl
If you ask us, why Muse? Actually, it is my daughter Elena who fell in love with this reality, as she always looks out for events capable of enhancing not only the city, but also and mainly citizens, especially the new generations.
Involving children was a great idea of you because, before you, the Museum was seen by the youth as "something for the adult", out of time for them.
The very young but very prepared staff was rewarding. You have a good cooperation network.
This was the primary incentive of our motivation to sponsor you, of course other than what concerns out work.