Volunteer at MUSE!

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Backing and Training
It is not required to have a specific curricular background to volunteer at MUSE, athough sometimes the skill and experience of the volunteer can address them to some areas of intervention. To be a part of the work group it is necessary to fill the application form and go through an interview.
The initiatives involving volunteers are always developed together with the museum staff, as we are convinced that the volunteer as such should not be charged with any professional responsibility.

The tasks​
The tasks assigned to ​volunteers are to be carried out inside the museum and can be varied: public reception, organization support for events, cooperation in scientific mediation, participation to research activity.

Dates and times
Opening times of MUSE for ordinary activities and specific times and dates for special events.

Acquired knowledge, skills and values
Being MUSE volunteers allows to get in contact with a stimulating cultural environment, impove one's communicative skills, obtain valuable curricular references, and ​​​experience training in professional fields. 

Insurance policy