Volunteers needed to enhance the Alpine Botanical Garden, Viote di Monte Bondone, and MUSE gardens

Spring and Summer 2016

Voluntary activity is a key resource in museums​ because, thanks to their ​great participation, enthusiasm and ​availability of their personal knowledge, it enriches and improves public action and fruition of these cultural structures.

Following the excellent activities previously carried out by volunteers, the new activities now proposed by MUSE for its local branches​ of Botanical Gardens of Viote di Monte Bondone and for the brand new MUSE Gardens, located in the park beside the Science Museum, are designed to satisfy the know-how of volunteers and create a stimulating environment, full of interpersonal relationships, both among volunteers and with the scientific and technical staff of the museum. The activities are planned to meet with the personal needs of volunteers.

The volunteer participation to out activities is one of the most fundamental challenges of Muse. We are waiting for you.

Michele Lanzinger - Director of MUSE

Fill the form and send it to volontari@muse.it by May 15th 2016.