New technologies - Oculus Rift

A space for experimentation, a laboratory, a center for creativity in its various forms: MUSE relaunches its purpose to embrace all of these definitions and vocations by providing the public with one of the most promising objects developed to enable the general public to make interactive and immersive experiences.

The name is "Oculus Rift" and it was presented in January at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Since a few days ago it has been possible to try this technology for free in the MUSE FabLab (first floor).

What is Oculus Rift? – It’s a helmet with a display, sensors and a gyroscope to calculate the movement of the head. It allows you to move the vision line in the virtual world by turning the head, just as we do in reality. Moreover the quality is really good: the colors are clear and bright, the images move smoothly and naturally. The camera "reads" the movements of the LEDs located on the viewer Oculus Rift and determines with absolute accuracy every movement of the head.

At MUSE you can virtually try the experience of travelling through space just by moving your head and gazing at galaxies, stars and planets.


The in-depth perception of the movement of the head allows increasingly complex and realistic interactions. For example, imagine yourself looking at a writing but not seeing it because it is too far away. Just by gazing at the text it will be possible to see it bigger and in a more defined way.
With Oculus Rift everything happens through the movement of the eye and the head.

The revolution of Oculus seems to have a much larger range of use. Its uses will probably extend to various situations in the field of virtual reality.

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