Maxi Ooh! Discovery begins with the senses

Maxi Ooh! is a place of astonishment and splendor: it’s a worth living experience for children from 0 to 5 years old that. Here they can learn how to discover, try and experiment things in first person. Starting from what they do best, such as touch, smell, see and hear, Maxi Ooh! is a place that allows children to experiment senses through the senses, giving diverse and original experiences every time.

Its realization is due to a work of studying and projecting managed by the project team of MUSE in collaboration with the experts of the nursery school Federation of Trento and with the"Ufficio Infanzia": a friendship born 7 years ago and refined through years, thanks to a series of projects for children in nursery schools and in the museum.

The study has been developed starting from an analysis of the best experiences in museums worldwide; this has been useful to define properly the focuses that needed to be reached and the best modalities to adopt specifically inside MUSE. On an international level, there are a lot of museum’s experiences for children of small age and in this context, Maxi Ooh! is important for its nature of pilot project. These international experiences, with the experimentations on ultimate generation nursery schools and some spaces dedicated to the research of wealth and to the rehabilitation in medicine, inspired the projectors and the creators.

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Maxi Ooh! is divided in two areas: the first is dedicated to the welcome and relax (space made also to satisfy the primary needs of children) and the other, divided in three areas, where children can experience sensorial paths, especially for touch and hearing.
These three areas are developed in other three spherical spaces, that just like bubbles, divide the three areas and at the same time protect and make the experience exclusive for the couples of ‘babult’ (babies + adults, their parents or companions).
What makes Maxi Ooh! original and inspiring, is the new way of discovering the environment and the interaction between adults and children.

Information - Maxi Ooh!
    •    entry fee (in addition to the MUSE entrance ticket): euro 2,00
    •    membership: euro 1,50
    •    season ticket (10 entrances, valid for 1 year from issue date: euro 40,00; includes the museum admission fee)

Booking is recommended. (For reservations contact MUSE call center)