We are closed but let’s stay curious

The museum animals are wondering where everyone has gone. Without our visitors things are definitely not the same. But, despite the difficulties in a moment of uncertainty for all, let's stay… curious!  

In compliance with ministerial regulations, the MUSE and all its structures will be closed from 15 February 2021 until further notice.  

There will, however, be plenty of things happening online to keep you company over the next few months. OK, so it won't be the same as seeing each other in person, with a smile, a friendly look or an amazed expression, but we are staying curious and, we are sure, so are you. Meanwhile, as we wait to see you soon and treat you to a personal scientific experience discovering biodiversity and life on Earth, we invite you to follow us on our website, on our social channels, and sign up for our newsletter to receive real-time updates. Thanks for your continuing support! #restiamocuriosi