Catalogue and assets

The heritage
The Library holds over 77,000 documents: mostly books and brochures, as well as videotapes, CD-ROMs, DVDs, geographical and thematic maps. We have more than 1500 periodicals.

Most of the material is primarily concerned with our region and the Alps, and is divided into four major sections:

  • the organic section entomologica
  • the Botany section
  • the geological-paleontological section
  • an important section of anthropology and paletnologia lyrics

Over time they developed even some small peculiar and funds relating to research areas of our Museum:

  • a section of Mycology, which includes the entire library of Abbot Barco;
  • the protectionism, in which are collected books on themes related to environmental protection and natural parks in early Italian debates of the ' 50 and ' 60;
  • a section of museology. with works relating to each type of institution and institution of scientific research;
  • the Biographies section with numerous pamphlets and articles of biographies on almost all scholars who have had a place in the history of science.
  • caving section, perhaps one of the most comprehensive, in Italy, on the karst phenomena;
  • a small section of old books dedicated to the natural sciences with particular reference to local contributions of the ' 700 and ' 800 and including 10 documents of the 1500 and 15 ' 600 works;
  • a section of the sciences related to the disclosure of the latest scientific developments.

Some donations received over the years has been to establish funds in the proper sense:

  • Immigration consultancy Fund, concerning mainly the physical geography, climatology and climatotherapy.
  • Venzo Fund, with a lot of material of General and applied geology;
  • Bottom Lama, rich collection of paleontological papers;
  • Bottom Macfarlane, hydrobiology and natural sciences;
  • Fondo Trieste, rich in botanical material, nature and geographic.

The periodicals in our library are all catalogued in CBTand many come from international trade of the three magazines published by the Museum. Most are the result of research paletnologia of Alpine prehistory conducted over the years by the Museum, and often together with specialized institutions bigger Europeans; natural sciences, many times with exchanges started already in the first decades of the twentieth century; the life of museums and their activities, and museology.
The subscription journals are sixty. It is a large scientific disclosure magazines especially requested by users (Heron, Nature, Science, science, universe, Gardenia, Darwin, etc.) as well as a number of magazines.

The catalogue
You can see the tabbed part electronically (75%) of the patrimony of the library Bibliographic catalog.

Inside the CBT our documents are identified by the initials TN_MTSN.

All material is available for consultation and a good portion is also Lendable (to find out if a book is Lendable you must ask this question directly).

The loan lasts 20 days (extendable if necessary). For the first loan need a passport. Even minors can access loan, upon presentation of a form signed by a parent.