Opening hours and services

La vecchia sala della biblioteca nell'allora palazzo delle scuole comunali di via Verdi
Opening Hours

Mon - Fri     8:30AM - 12:30PM / 2:00PM - 6:00PM


The library will remain closed on the following dates:
Friday, June 3rd


Consultation and loan

All types of materials can be consulted in the public hall.
With the exception of a few valuable or specialized categories, most documents can be loaned. The library is not a part of the inter-library network.

It is possible to photocopy all materials within law restrictions.
Black and white copied cost 5 cents for A4 sheets, 10 cents for A3 sheets.


It is possible to obtain scans (maximum format cm 25 x 35) of some materials such as maps and color pages within a few days. The cost is €3 for the first two scans and €1 every two more scans.
Files are ripped on a CD provided by the library and included in the cost. It is possible to skip the cost of the CD (€1) by bringing your own USB pen.

the Science Museum Library

Consultation and loans

Request for consultation works
For each work request must be filled in the form with all required information. Do not give in consultation with more than three works simultaneously. For the periodicals do not give in consultation over five years (or possibly bound volumes) at a time.
For consultation of works of ancient book sections and ancient Maps is always required proof of identity (personal data of the user with the extremes of the work given in consultation will be recorded on a special register). The document will be returned to the return of the work.

Home loan
All those who are 14 years old can have works on loan. The first loan is applied for an identity card for the archive in the library. For each work request must be completed a loan module. Do not lend more than two at a time, up to three if one or more are extracted.
The term of the loan is twenty days and be extended up to a maximum of twenty other if the work has not been requested by other users. Delays in delivery of the works are listed in the archive library. After three delays the user is suspended from the loan.
The user is obliged to return the works had borrowed in the same State in which he received. Who lost or deteriorates the work had borrowed shall be obliged to reimburse to the library twice the market value of the work, or, in the case of a sample not for sale, at twice its estimated value.

Excluded from loan materials
Are excluded from loan:

  • encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, textbooks and reference works to general character
  • the periodicals
  • Pre-1900 publications
  • the works of the sections: ancient book, ancient Maps, manuscripts, theses and Barco
  • multi-volume works
  • works with physically separate attachment material
  • all the maps, thematic, geology and related explanatory notes
  • the material not yet inventoried and catalogued
  • the material that needs binding or otherwise precarious conservation status
  • the aerial photographs
  • the works used by conservatives and by museum technicians for the purposes of research and any work that, at the discretion of librarians, is deemed to exclude from the loan even only temporarily
  • video, DVD e CD-ROM

Photocopying and photographic reproduction

You can photocopy the works had in the consultation with the car available in the library in the manner established by law. Each user is responsible for the use of this service.

Are excluded from photocopying the dissertations, manuscripts, printed works before 1900 and any work that, in the opinion of librarians, may suffer damage.

For special needs is granted the photographic reproduction of works had in the consultation in the library. The photographic reproduction will be provided by the user. In the opinion of the librarians will be excluded from this service works that it may suffer damage.


Visitors must behave so as not to disturb other users. In particular, require silence and cure of the material had in the consultation.

Librarians can alienate people who don't comply with these rules. In severe cases, acting on a proposal submitted by librarians, the Board of Directors of the Museum will be able to ban the user from the use of the library for a specified period or forever.