Booking guidelines for educational activities

School and group visits

Info and Reservations for Muse and regional offices
+39 848 004 848 (From a landline)
+39 0461 228502 (from a mobile phone)

+39 0461 270385​ 
Making a reservation
for classes and groups
When you have chosen your activities you can book by calling the following numbers: (+39) 848 004 848 (from a landline) or (+39) 0461 228 502 (from a mobile phone) from Monday to Thursday: 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 16:30 Friday: 9:00 to 12:30.

Our Booking Service will then send you a confirmation form and relevant instructions.
The participation fee is reported in the description of each activity. Transfer costs and organization must be arranged by the visiting group. Unless specified otherwise, the activity fee must be intended per person and is valid for a minimum of 13 participants. Should this number not be reached, the minimum group fee will be applied – i.e. the single fee multiplied by 13.

FEES FOR ADDITIONAL SERVICES (in addition to the cost of the activity)

Service MUSE fee 2015-2016
Activity in English or German language
+1.00 per person
Unguided visit with prearranged schedule+1.00 per person
Concessional fee for unguided school visit+€3.00 per person


Activity​ MUSE fee 2015-2016
Unguided visit connected to the booked activity+€1.50 per person

3x2 Maxi Ooh! Package
The third visit booked by the same school is free (only for the school year 2015-2016)

Package including at least two activities booked by the same class group
Full charge for the first activity + reduced fee (see reduced fees) for the remaining activities. The reduction applies to the most expensive activity. . 

The following reductions apply for accompanying people:

- Kindergarten: one free accompanying person + one every 5 students (e.g. 1 free for 4 students, 2 free for 9 students, 3 free for 11 students)  
- Primary and Secondary School: one free accompanying person + one every 10 students (e.g. 2 free for 13 students, 3 free for 21 students, 3 free for 29 students)  
- Accompanying people for disabled children are granted free entrance.

The payment must be finalized, whenever possible , at the Cash Service of the hosting Museum or on bank account n° 000005423762 Unicredit Banca Spa, Via Galilei, 1 Trento (CIN I - ABI 02008 - CAB 01820), IBAN: IT 08 I 02008 01820 000005423762, account holder Muse - Museo delle Scienze - Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, 38123 Trento. Make sure you clearly indicate school name, activity, and date of the visit. ​

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To request an invoice
In the event that the group needs an invoice for the activities, you can request it via the downloadable form below.

Electronic invoice for Public Administrations
Important information
Any changes to the reservation must be comunicated to the Booking Service by telephone and subsequently in writing by fax or e-mail.

In case of cancellation please contact the Booking Service by telephone and then send the form which can be downloaded here on the left via fax or e-mail.

In case of failure to give notice of a cancellation at least 7 days before the booked date, the Museum reserves the right to issue an invoice to the school for a compensation payment amounting to €45 for all activities which have a duration of less than 3 hours and €90 for activities lasting an entire day.

In case of inclement weather, outdoor activities can be moved by a maximum of 48 hours prior to the activity itself and in any case prior arrangement must be made with the Booking Service. Should it not be possible to rearrange the activities, we will arrange alternative solutions on a case by case basis.
Other information
Our staff may take photos during laboratories in order to keep a record of their activities. Before doing this, teachers will be asked for a specific authorisation at the start of laboratories.

The Museum's teaching methods and procedures are in full compliance with standards relating to safety of persons and property. All educational activities will be carried out in accordance with written procedures and / or the information provided by the Educational Services, both at the time of booking and during the visit.

In order to ensure all visitors' safety, the continuous presence of accompanying teachers for the entire course of the visit is required. The Museum accepts no responsibility for any problems that might arise from failure to observe the instructions given.