Activities on the territory


These trips are organized with an educational and dissemination purpose and take place on the territory, in nature or even in urban contexts. This allows classes and guides to access some of the most interesting naturalistic​ places in Trentino and give in situ lesson of high educational and scientific value. 

Some of these activities are connected to research lines of the Museum. In other cases, they are realized in cooperation with local and national agencies and institutions operating in the field of land management, natural reservations or environmental education, such as the Forestry and Fauna Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Trento Municipality, the Service for Nature Conservation and Environmental Promotion - Rete Natura 2000, the municipalities of Fondo and Malosco, the Fondo and Rumo Forestry Posts.
In some cases, outdoor ​visits are an integrating part of specific educational paths delivered on more than one meeting or activity.