Didactic laboratories


MUSE offers didactic labs for schools of every level and covering a wide range of scientific fields: from geology to ecology, from genetics to astronomy.

Every lab is designed to involve and motivate students by integrating didactic efficacy, scientific content accuracy, and methodological approach. For this reason a professional team with different skills follows and looks after the realization, development, and assessment stages. This team includes researchers, communicators, teachers and museum staff.

Muse wishes to shape an idea of didactic lab entailing a learning-oriented cultural and educational activity, carried out indoors or in a natural context, fostering hands-on approaches. The offer includes the following 6 main types of didactic labs.

Step lab
This is a cultural and educational experience based on action planning and sequential steps.

Pointillisme lab
This cultural and educational experience is based on a set of single actions which, if interpreted as a whole, contribute to develop the proposed theme.

IBSE lab
This experience is mainly ispired by the Inquiry Based Science Education approach.

Artistic-creative lab
This laboratory mostly focuses on the creation of an object or an artifact.​

Playful lab
This experience has a mostly playful-scientific character.​