Maria Vittoria Zucchelli

Cultural Mediator- Biodiversity area
​Telephone: +39 0461.270370​​
F.: +39 0461.270322​
Skype: mavi.zucchelli​​
Graduated in 1996 in Biological Sciences with specialization in biological-ecological University of Parma with thesis entitled: “Biological considerations for the definition of environmental flow in a Apennine torrent (T. Gotra)”.
She began her working career collaborating, in Parma, with different entities with which she designs and manages courses about environmental education.
In 1998 she landed at the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences, starting to collaborate with the Educational Services in the planning, organization and management of the activities and the projects, part of the sector of Hydrobiology and Zoology of Invertebrates.
In 2013 she is hired for an indefinite period and takes part of the “EduMuse Table” of coordination and educational planning of the Muse.
In 2014 she joined the team of the European Life Wolfalp Project, coordinating the activities of education and training.