Valeria Lencioni

Conservatrice Responsabile, Zoologia degli invertebrati e Idrobiologia

Telefono: ​+39 0461 ​270371 
Cellulare: +39 320 9224766
I am an hydrobiologist with experience on invertebrate taxonomy and stream ecology. Fashinated by extreme habitats, I am studying the vulnerability to environmental changes (natural and of anthropogenic origin) of freshwaters at high altitute (Alps, Hymalaia-Karakorum) and latitude (Arctic), with an olistic approach, from gene to ecosystems. She has two decades of experience in coordinating work packages or projects within national and international frameworks, menthoring PhDs and master students, writing scientific papers (60-ISI papers in WOS and Scopus databases) and organisation of public events (from international congresses to project meetings and events to non-experts and non-academic stakeholders).​