Samuela Caliari

Public Engagement Area Supervisor

​Tel.: +39 0461.270333
Fax: +39 0461.270322
Supervisor of the Public Engagement Area at MUSE, which is formed by the Activities for the public and new languages Section and the Educational Services.
She has a degree in Mathematics and has worked for the museum since 1999 developing activities in science mediation based on the contamination of various disciplines and communication techniques.
She coordinates a team of experts in scientific divulgation and she collaborates with the museum’s researchers to facilitate the communication of the scientific researches to the general public. The aim of these initiatives designed by the team, is to engage the public with creative and innovative formats for different scientific contents by using art, theatre, and music.
She manages and helped conceiving and planning the Maxi Ooh! exhibition area together with a team of experts in pedagogy and interaction between adults and children.