Rossana Todesco

Contributor, Geology
Telephone: + 39 0461.270354​
​F.: + 39 0461.270322​​​​
​​​​​ Graduated in Geology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
She has worked in the Geology section of MUSE for several years, first studying the Triassic icnofaunas of the Dolomites, and now in the information campaigns area designing educational workshops and activities for visitors, as well as for the Geological Museum of the Dolomites in Predazzo.
Since 2011, she has been specializing in an Earth Sciences information campaigns aimed at people with sensory disabilities and she has coordinated a project co-financed by the Caritro Foundation called "Museum pathways, enhancement and the use of the geological heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento for people with visual and auditive disabilities".

In MUSE, she is responsible for the production of trails that can be accessed by the blind. In this area of interest, she also collaborates with the Trento section of UICI, A.M.A. Rovereto, Cooperativa sociale I.Ri.Fo.R. del Trentino, Associazione SportAbili di Predazzo, Scuola Alpina della Guardia di Finanza, Museum Gherdëina di Ortisei.