Romana Scandolari

Curator, Museo delle Palafitte of Ledro
Telephone: +39 0461.2703367 
Cellphone: ​+39 320.9224760 
F.: +39 0464.509382
In 1995, I graduated in Palethnology at the University of Florence with the Thesis: "Archaeological map of Vallagarina and the Asiago Plateau from the Middle Paleolithic to the Middle Bronze Age" (Assistant Supervisor Prof. Bernardino Bagolini).
The Thesis was given an award by the Accademia degli Agiati of Rovereto.In the same year, I wrote the text for the CD-ROM "The pile dwellings of Ledro," I designed the educational booklet "Dov'è la preistoria" and I attended training courses on the prehistorical technology at Archeoland Renato Fasolo, where I acquired specific skills in the experimental reproduction of objects/tools in clay, flint and wood.
I am responsible for Museum Education, Teaching and Meaningful Learning through Imitating Archaeology Workshops at the Museo delle Palafitte of Lake Ledro and I manage the training of trainers, organizing the "Officina Ledro" days.