Paolo Ferretti

Technical Assistant, Geology
Telephone: + 39 0461.270311
Cellphone: +39 340.8108249​
F.: + 39 0461.270322​​​
Graduated in Geology in 1998 at the University of Bologna, he collaborates with MUSE since 2000, initially as a teaching operator, then he has devoted himself to research in the field of hydrogeology and geology of the Quaternary, also taking part in icnological studies and palaeoecological.
He took part as a detector in the realization of the Fogli di  Trento, Mezzolombardo, Bagolino, Male Rovereto and the Geological Map of Italy (CARG project).
In 2008 he became a technician of the Section of Geology of MUSE; he takes care of the mineralogical collections and he conducts research in the field of regional mineralogy, with particular attention to the census of sites of mineralogical and mining interest.
He edited the +2 floor exhibition of MUSE, which is dedicated to geology.