Matilde Peterlini

Historicocultural officer; Museo delle Palafitte di Ledro
Telephone: +39 0464.508182​ ​​​
Cellphone: +39 329.3632234
F.: +39 0464.509382​
​​​​​I was born in Rovereto (TN) on August 12th, 1979.
Curiosity is my lens for discovering the world and I have always had an innate passion for archaeology and the mountains.
I graduated in Archaeology at the University of Trento with a Thesis on the methodology of archaeological research used in the archaeological investigations at Palazzo Roccabruna in Trento, where I studied the Environmental Evolution of Trentino.
Since 2000, I have been involved in archaeological research in the field and in Museum Education, working with various institutions in the area.
Currently, I'm a historicocultural official at the Museo delle Palafitte di Ledro, where I explore, experiment, invent and have fun while doing a little bit of everything: education, science campaigning, research, museum education...