Maria Bertolini

Curator, Educational Services
Telephone: +39 0461.270377​
F.: +39 0461.270322 
She graduated in Natural Sciences in 1993 at the Department of Biology and Evolution at the University of Ferrara with a dissertation in Actuopaleontology.
In 1993, she began working with the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento in the Section of Vertebrate Zoology in different kinds of scientific research (study of mammals, Bioitaly Project in Trentino) and in the field of museum conservation (reorganization, review and re-cataloguing of the collection of vertebrates of the Museum).

At the same time, she undertook guided tours in the exhibition halls of the museum, devised educational workshops and plans for schools of all levels.
Since 1995, the year the Educational Department of the Museum was formally established, she has co-ordinated all the organizational and logistical aspects of the Sector. 
Since 2002, she has been the Director of Educational Services as Museum Curator; since then, she has been participating in various commissions for competitions, as a commissioner and she also takes part in numerous training courses for teachers and museum educators  as a trainer.
She designs educational activities and educational courses structured for MUSE, the new Science Museum of Trento, and for various government agencies and local and national museums.
Since 1997, she has worked as the Secretary within the Company of Natural Sciences of Trentino.
From 2013, she has been part of the MUSE Round Table and Educational Design Coordination .
In 2014, she joined the European Project Life WOLFALPS working group team, coordinating education and training activities.