Marco Cantonati


Curator Manager, Limnology and Algology

Prof. University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Telephone: +39 0461.270342 
F.: +39 0461.270322​
​​​​​ Curator, Head of the Research in Limnology and Algology of the Science Museum - MUSE; Adjunct Professor, teacher in Limnology (Algology), Institute of Botany, University of Innsbruck; PhD in Ecology of Inland Waters University of Innsbruck; Degree in Natural Sciences and Degree in Biological Sciences University of Pavia. Adjunct Professor of Biology of Photoautroph Organisms, University of Trento (2014).
Main research interests: biology and ecology of inland waters, biodiversity and ecology of microphytobenthos, springs, bogs, mountain lakes, streams, lakes benthic algae, aquatic environments with extremely low alkalinity, biodiversity of inland waters, biomonitoring, level variations, long-running ecological research, paleolimnology, diatoms, cyanoprokaryotes, adaptive biology of algae and cyanobacteria.