Lucia Martinelli


Researcher, Science and Society
Telephone: +39.0461.270370​
F.: + 39 0461.270322​​
PhD. At the University of Agricolture in Wageningen (NL), degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Bologna and Master Degree in Journalism and Scientific Communication at the University of Ferrara.
In thirty years as a researcher in public and private institutions, in Italy and foreign countries, she developed and coordinated the research in the biotechnological sector, focusing on gene transfer, traceability of GMOs and scientific communication.
Since June of 2011 the research continues at Muse-Museo delle Scienze, studying the interconnections between scientific and technological innovation and social implication, with particular reference to sustainability aspects of Life Sciences and its applications. The activity is supported by collaborations in the system of research of Trentino, in international networks, such as the COST Action IS 1001 “Bio-objects and their boundaries: governing matters at the intersection of society, politics and science ( in the European project “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in synthetic biology SYN-ENERGENE’ (FP7-SIS) in the ECSITE Consortium ( and in the network “Culture, health and bioethics: conceptual clusters and cultural theory” (htpp:// and, for the studies on gender and science, participating, even in management, in the Women and Science Association ( and in the European Platform of Women Scientists (htpp://