Lara Casagrande

Collaborator, Geology Section

After graduating in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Padua, she participated at the APSAT project (Environment and Landscapes of the “Siti d’Altura” of Trentino) with a research on the mining landscapes.
She collaborates with the Museo delle Scienze from the end of 2010, working about geological collection and mining history of Trentino. From Summer of 2013 she is head manager with Paolo Ferretti (Technical Assistant of the Geology Section) of the project “Notes from the Underground”, co-funded from the CARITRO Foundation and aimed at the systematic collection of info’s about the mining heritage of Trentino, and the creation of collaborative networks with other agencies that deal with the same issues.
She edited with Paolo Ferretti the gallery dedicated to the underground resources of Muse.