Karol Tabarelli de Fatis

Technical assistant, Laboratory of Tropical Biodiversity Research and Vertebrate Zoology
Social Media Content Provider - Website Editor Assistant, Communication and Promotion
Telephone: + 39 0461.270​311​
F: + 39 0461.270322​​
Skype: karol.tabarelli.de.fatis​
Active in the Museum since his childhood, employee since 2013.
He served in the Laboratory of Tropical Biodiversity Research and Zoology of Vertebrates where he deals with Scientific Collections and their maintenance; he collaborates with the communication and promotion sector with regard to the Web 2.0 and the Section of Vertebrate Zoology in Monitoring and Fauna Censuses.
He is a final year student in Natural Sciences and in Management of Natural Resources at the University of Padua.
He has been authorised for the practice of taxidermy and embalming by the Autonomous Province of Trento and he has a censor permit (Waterfowl) from by the Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research.
Since 2009, he has been lecturer at
the University of the Third Age and Free Time (fauna subjects).
Substitute member of the Committee Fauna of PAT, as delegated by the WWF Regional Chamber Trentino Alto Adige and member of the Executive Council of the Society of Natural Sciences of Trentino.
As a naturalist, he has always been fascinated by the vision of multifarious creatures that swim, crawl, jump, run and fly on our small planet. Incurable zoophilic and chronic biowatcher.
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