Isabella Salvador


Researcher, Geology Section
Telephone: +39 0461.270312​
F.: + 39 046​1.270322​​
​​​​​She has a Degree in Building Engineering and a PhD in Civil and Mechanical Structural Systems Engineering from the University of Trento; she specialized in the study of traditional architecture in the Alps (Apsat research project).
Since 2011, she has been working at MUSE - the Science Museum of Trento as a contributor to the Openloc project, studying the relationship between the changes in the use of natural surroundings and the spontaneous architecture in Alpine upland sites.
She's currently working on the study project "Dolomites, mountains and landscapes: from theatre of war to universal symbol" (ref. Marco Avanzini) supported by the Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO and Fondazione Caritro, and the research project LIFE TEN (ref. Paul Pedrini).