Giampaolo Dalmeri

Curator Manager, Prehistory
Telephone: +39 0461.270314​
​F.: +39 0461.270322
Curator of the Prehistory Section. Degree in Geology at the University of Ferrara in 1977.
He conducts research projects promoted by the Museum into the oldest human settlement in the Alps.
He directs Palethnological and Paleoenvironmental research at Riparo Dalmeri, under the rock of Monte Terlago and many Paleolithic moist sites in Trentino.
He has collaborated on numerous research projects with various Archaeological Superintendences in northern Italy for excavations of various ages.

160;In 1990, he discovered the Riparo that took his name, the interdisciplinary research that followed revealed outstanding aspects relating to human occupation in the Late Glacial Era.
He coordinates theses and PhDs in Prehistoric Archaeology and Archaeological Cultural Heritage.
He takes part in national and international conferences / workshops.
He is the co-author of about 100 papers in scientific journals.

He has published 250 scientific articles, divulgation and book chapters.
He is an Ordinary Member of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Early History in Florence (I.I.P.P.).