Giacomo Assandri

PhD student, Vertebrate Zoology Section
Cellphone: + 39 333.9244524​
​F.: +39 0461.270322​
My main research interests are Ecology and Ornithology.
I graduated in 2011 in Natural Sciences at the University of Turin with a Thesis on the approachability of birds in listening points.
In 2013, I obtained a Masters Degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Pavia with a Thesis on the subject of Agriculture and Biodiversity, dealing specifically with the importance of abandoned olive groves for fruit-eating birds.
Since November 2013, I have been a PhD student at the same University (with the partnership of MUSE in Trento), where I'm undertaking a research project related to birds in farming environments, such as in vineyards, orchards, meadows and pastures.
At the same time, I'm deepening my interests on the distribution and diversity of birds and dragonflies in Italy.