Francesca Rossi

Technical Assistant, Vertebrate Zoology Section
Telephone: +39 0461.270340​
​F.: +39 0461.270322​​
She was born in Florence in 1972, she graduated in Forestry Science at the University of Florence in 1998.
In the same year, she obtained a license to practice as an Agronomist and Doctor of Forestry.
She has been working with MUSE - the Science Museum for the Section Vertebrate Zoology since 2001, taking part in ornithological research and teaching. I
n this context, she manages the Ringing Station "Passo del Brocon" within the Progetto Alpi with Stefano Noselli; hse also manages its Secretariat and participates in the preparation of annual reports.
She takes part in avifaunistic monitoring.
She collaborates in providing consultation services for the Province of Trento regarding requests for wildlife databases, phenologies and status of animal species of significant conservation value; assessment of the natural value of some areas and related management problems.
This activity is also in reference to as the Natura 2000
network.Since 2013, she has been dealing with the management of MUSE aquariums.