Donato Riccadonna

Historicocultural officer, Museo delle Palafitte di Ledro.
Telephone: +39 0464.508182  
Cellphone: +39 320.924774 
F.: +39 0464.509382 ​
He likes what he does and you can find him in the Museo delle Palafitte di Ledro.
Manager of the Ledro Museum Network, which includes the Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro, the Garibaldi Museum and the Museum of the Great War of Bezzecca, the Visitor Centre of the Natural Reserve of Lake Ampola, the visitor centre of Mons.
Ferrari of Tremalzo and working with the Pharmaceutical Museum Foletto of Pieve di Ledro and the forge of chiodaioli of Pré.
He graduated in philosophy, listed on the register of media journalists and qualified for accompanying people in the Trentino Area.
He is the author of several publications on environment, geography, the First World War in the Upper Garda Lake and he is involved in various cultural associations in Giudicarie and Lower Sarca and Ledro.