Alessandra Pallaveri

Cultural mediator - Vertebrate Zoology Area
Tel.: +39 0461.270321
Fax: +39 0461.270322​
Skype: Palealex​
I graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Parma with an experimental thesis on animal behaviour. In 1998 I started working at the museum, particularly in research activities and scientific communication for the Vertebrate Zoology department and in the planning and making of educational activities for the education department.
I'm a cultural mediator since 2009. I took part in the planning and realisation of many temporary exhibitions, the discovery room for children, local visitor centres and guided tours. In 2008 and 2009 I worked for the refurbishment of the permanent setting in the exhibition areas of the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences. I was part of the design team for the preparation of MUSE exhibition, where I coordinated the purchase and retrieval of artefacts, paying particular attention to the floor dedicated to alpine biodiversity, the big void and the discovery room "Explore the forest", dedicated to children.