Alessandra Franceschini

Technical Assistant, Zoology of Invertebrates and Hydrobiology
Telephone+39 0461 270372 
F: +39 0461.​270322​
​​​​ My work as a hydrobiologist has always been particularly focused on aquatic torrential environments (but also lake and source systems) and on the effects that climate changes can cause on invertebrate populations .
I have been working on Carabid systematics, especially Riparian systematics in large European rivers, and currently the pre-imaginal Plecoptera and Trichoptera stages of mountain streams at high altitude.
I'm also interested in the Riparian environment and the research and collection of benthic species, which is carried out with methods developed according to the Italian regulations imposed by the European Directive on Water 2000/60.
I am also involved in research into the conservation for the Natura 2000 network habitat, and in monitoring alien insects.
As a technician of the Section, I also work on the conservation, the implementation and the inventory of invertebrate collections in dry and liquid .