Pole Position

Adventure in the polar regions

The exhibit was planned in the framework of the celebrations of the International Polar Year 2007-2008, an event to promote scientific research in the polar regions and at the same time highlight the global importance and the role of these regions as climate regulators of our planet.

In conjunction with the International Council for research (ICSU) and
The World Meteorological Organization (WMO), thousands of scientists from 60 different countries have been involved in more than 200 programs of wide-ranging research, with the goal of increasing increase awareness in universities and research institutes about the polar regions and to foster a better understanding of the main terrestrial and oceanic mechanisms and elements driving the planet. In particular, thanks to the collaboration with the National Antarctica Museum "Felice Ippolito", the importance of research in the polar regions to help understand the anthropic impact on climate change was stressed.

In Italy the exhibit aims to be the main and most
scientific dissemination event organised as part of the national events for the International Polar year. After a preview at the Genoa Science Festival (October 2007), the exhibition as a whole was inaugurated in Naples (Città della Scienza), and displayed in Trento, Rome, Milan, and Turin.