Einstein Games

Interactive exhibition

Einstein Games tell us a world of discoveries, which bring us closer to the physics of the great scientist.

A world of new and unexpected experiences, where lights and colors dissolve and mix up again, creating deceiving effects and illusions. A world made of waves and sounds, electric and magnetic fields, colored stars, magic cubes.
In an effort to seize a floating violin, we will discover what light can do when it comes though special lenses.

We can reconstruct and investigate paths and of light ray balls with a pool cue in our hands. We can go through the well-known Pythagorean theorem with domino tiles. And then, a little further on, we find ourselves creating pointy shapes by applying the force of a magnet to a special ferrous fluid.

We approach quantum mechanics between spectra and constellations. We remain speechless watching atoms of a thin gold leaf playing miniature golf. The blackbody will surprise us while we look around a cozy, merry house.

Eventually, a sphere will tell us about the universe and its expansion. And if that's not enough, we can always peek at a re-invented Einstein to experience the thrill of being a physicist for a day.