Maurizia Gandini


Post-doc Research Fellow (Marie Curie Action - Cofund), Botany
After graduating in Natural Sciences (summa cum laude, 2004) with a dissertation on the effects of global warming on the flora of the periglacial environment, I obtained a PhD in Experimental Geobotany and Ecology (2007) focused on Dendroecology and Climate Change, with an experience as a Visiting Doctoral Student at the University of Arizona (USA).
Since March 2011, I have been a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Marie Curie Action Cofund - Incoming) in the Section of Botany at MUSE, and I am responsible for the CLIMBIVEG (Effects of Climate Change on Plant Biodiversity in High-Altitude Environments) Research Project.
My main research interests are the study of the relationship between plant ecology and climate change, with particular attention to the impact of global warming on plant biodiversity, the spatial and temporal patterns of vascular species that live in high altitude environments, and on statistical modelling applied to these issues, with contributions and publications in national and international conferences.
Before joining the workforce of the Science Museum and doing my PhD, I was awarded University of Turin, University of Pavia and Lombardy Region scholarships which were focused on the study of the relationship between climate change and biodiversity and conservation of the flora in situ and ex situ.From 2004 to 2006, I held seminars of General and Applied Botany and Applied Climatology at the University of Pavia, and in 2010, I served as Professor of Botany on a Post-Graduate Degree course of "Specialization in Herbal Techniques" promoted by the Lombardy Region.
As a Project Manager, I've been helping to manage national and international several projects on topics related to Applied Botany, Ecology and the Conservation of plant biodiversity, sponsored by public and private institutions, since 2008.
I am currently involved in the European LTER project and the global GLORIA project with the active and continuous collaboration with Team Guide at the University of Vienna, both in terms of research and co-ordination.