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The Natural Science Society of Trentino, born in 1929 as Natural Science Society of Venezia Tridentina, a creature of the Civic Museum of Natural History of Trento (1922) was founded again after inactivity due to war events on February 25h 1948, earning the name of Natural Science Society of Trentino-Alto Adige.

The Society has always pursued the goal to foster the dissemination of naturalistic culture and promote initiatives aimed at protecting the environmental heritage. It acts in collaboration with the Science Museum where its headquarters are. The Society is also a meeting and contact place for scholars and amateurs dedicated to research and promote knowledge on naturalistic phenomena and ecological problems, especially referred to Trentino.

It carries out educational activities in a network with local institutions and cultural associations in the territory. The members are researchers and scholars, amateur naturalists, committed to achieving didactic and scientific goals according to the Society Statute. The yearly membership card carries an inscription summarizing the scope of the Society: "Working for the knowledge and protection of the Alpine nature".

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How to become a member
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Approved by the General Extraordinary Assembly on January 2004.
Board 2012-14

Lorenza Corsini

Gino Tomasi
Maria Bertolini

Sandro Zanghellini
Council member:

Bruno Angelini,

Massimo Bernardi,

Osvaldo Negra, 

Paolo Pedrini,

Francesco Rigobello,

Michele Segata,

Karol Tabarelli de Fatis,

Claudio Tonina
De jure member: 

Michele Lanzinger
Auditing board:

Iva Busana, 

Daniela Cont, 

Maria Rosa Preti Nervi