Natura Alpina

Since 1948, the Society has published its own periodical to gather testimonies of social life and spread contributions about several fields of natural and environmental sciences, especially concerning alpine culture.

The first number of the Bulletin contained the report of an exhibition about alpine flora, proposals about a school reformation giving more room to scientific disciplines and geography, and a previously voted motion for the preservation of local herbal heritage.

It was 1950, and it was the beginning of a long publishing history, which still benefits from a spontaneous and rich cooperation - hoped for in the presentation of the first issue and never failed. In 1952, the journal was issued every three months and in 1954 it earned the name of "Natural Alpina - Bulletin of the Natural Science Society of Trentino Alto Adige". This title remained up to today.

The most frequent topics range from Paleontology to Vertebrate Fauna, from Biology to Botany, from Hydrobiology to Limnology, from Climatology to Geography, from Geology to Speleology, with constant attention to protection, history and memory of alpine environments and regional landscape. Lately, the journal became biannual (spring/summer and fall/winter) and enlarged its horizons, also including articles about territories farther away, still keeping its contents relevant to the main topics.

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